Best Mobile App to Bet on Cricket

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Cricket is a popular sport that is worthy of generating sports betting headlines because a large number of fans and bettors all over the world like it so much. As a result of its growing popularity, cricket betting apps and even the expensive mobile betting apps increasingly crowding the cricket betting sector. Those apps allow die-hard fanatics to participate in the action and win real money.

Mobile Apps Best for Betting on Cricket

If you want to find a comprehensive guide to locating the best mobile applications for cricket sports betting, go no further since we have everything you need and more.


BetWay tends to be one of the most popular mobile sports betting apps for cricket. If you’re trying to find a comprehensive experience that includes all you need in a cricket sports betting mobile app, BetWay is worth investigating.


The amazing deposit bonuses that you’ll either get as a welcome bonus or a reload bonus are undoubtedly something to appreciate about BetOnline. Great for its sportsbook; you can also take advantage of other special offers. As a result, when you’re ready to wage on, you’ll have more room to add to your balance, allowing you to make larger bets.

Sports Gambling: What is Sports Betting and Football?

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Betting on football, how does it certainly work?

Football is a vital activity in our small united states of America at the difficulty of getting a guess. The detail that makes making a bet on football plenty amusing is the variety. You can bet on the winner and the style of dreams but besides this, there are limitless one-of-a-kind bets like in casino online slots. Below we give you a handy assessment of the most now no longer unusual place styles of football bets:

1×2 bet:

This is a fairly well-known bet. The aim of this bet is to anticipate which team will win the suit. This is subdivided into three options. The first opportunity is to bet at the residence team. Here you enter variety “1”. The second possibility is, do you think the away team has a better chance? Here you enter variety “2”. The 1/3 and final opportunity is to bet on a tie. Do you think it’s going to probably be a draw? Then enter “X”. This form of football where you can place a bet is practiced anywhere withinside the international and is also very well-known.

1×2 double chance:

Making choices, everybody has some hassle with it sometimes. Is this the case with you? Then this option is for you! It is possible that the clubs are very evenly matched. Should this situation occur, this possibility can offer proper results. In the double chance bet you are allowed to make predictions. Do you understand in advance that it’s going to probably be a draw? Then enter “12”. You bet on the win for the residence team and the win for the away team. If you tie, you lose. Another opportunity is to enter “X1”. You handiest lose if the playing team wins.

Half-time/Full-time bet:

Many bets are all about the final result. This bet is a chunk one of a kind. The idea is that you moreover try and anticipate who is in advance at halftime. With the one’s styles of bets, you can often earn more money and it moreover makes it greater exciting.

Under/Over bet:

In this bet, you are not making a bet on the triumphing team. Here you try and estimate the style of dreams. This bet is another time subdivided into many variants. One of these is the Under/Over 2.5 bet. Here you take 2 dreams in mind. Then it’s miles as an awful lot as you to estimate whether or not or now no longer this can increase or decrease. For more, enter “Over” and for less, enter “Under”. Actually, it’s miles very simple! With this way of getting a guess on football, you maintain it very exciting until the last minute!

Correct score:

With this bet, you try and anticipate now no longer one detail, but things. It`s a pretty specific bet. The idea is that you anticipate who will win and with how many dreams they may do this. You moreover bet on how plenty the loser will score. This may additionally moreover sound quite complicated to you and its miles. It is therefore commonly vital to observe carefully about the game enthusiasts and their previous performances.

Both to Score Bet:

In this bet, you try and anticipate whether or not or now no longer or now no longer every agency will score. You can answer this with “yes” or “no”. The odds of triumphing for this bet are quite high. This is in reality because of the truth the opportunity is 50%. It is also a well-known bet.

5 Mobile Live Betting Apps Offering 100% Bonus

In-play betting or simply live betting has been increasingly popular not just in the United States but also across the globe. It is very exciting and it is highly advisable for those who want to improve their betting strategy since you can place smaller wagers.

If you plan to bet on the 2019 NBA Finals, here are some mobile-friendly sports betting sites that offer live betting with 100% Bonus.

This site was launched in 2013. Its deposit method is through Visa, MasterCard, Bank wire, P2P Cash, and Bitcoin. It offers a 100% up to $300 sign-up bonus. It has live betting lines that are extensive and customizable.

It has signup bonus of 100% up to $500.  It joined the sports betting industry in 2011. Now, you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, and Prepaid Gift Cards to bet.

However, the Bitcoin and prepaid gift cards are only available for bettors in the US and Australia. It has both desktop and mobile betting as well as live betting markets.

It was launched in 2003 and you can use Visa, MasterCard, NETELLER, Skrill, Bank wire, Book to Book, Check, Diners Club, and rapid transfer for betting. It offers 100% crypto bonus for up to $1,000.

This sports betting site also offers a live betting platform, full-service racebook, casino, and poker.

You can get a 100% up to $1000 deposit bonus on this site. Visa, MasterCard, NETELLER, Skrill, Bank wire, Book to Book, Check, Diners club, Western union, P2P Cash, Money orders, and JCB are accepted as methods of payment. This site was launched in 2004.

This site offers both money line and point spread options. Live betting is also a feature of this online sports betting site.

This is one of the oldest sports betting sites. It was launched in 1996. It offers live betting and a 100% deposit bonus up to $100.

It is available to US players and other countries worldwide. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, American Express, Check, EcoPayz, NETELLER, and Skrill for live betting. This online sports betting site is also available for live betting on different sports.

You will absolutely enjoy watching the 2019 NBA Finals while live betting using these sports betting sites using their mobile platform.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie in sports betting, you should try live betting so that you can enhance your betting strategy. You would surely enjoy betting because you can place smaller bets on these sites plus, they offer 100% Bonus.

5 Helpful Mobile Sports Betting Calculator Apps

There are a lot of mobile applications that offer sports betting tips, however, it’s sometimes better to decide on your own instinct with a little help of some tools. Here are some top 5 mobile sports betting calculator applications.


Bet Calculator

The review rating of this app is 4.5 and has total downloads of 2084. The app developer is

Sports Bet Calculator

It has a 4.4 review rating and total downloads of 488. It’s a product of Gary Smith.

Betting Tools

It also has a 4.4 review rating. The total downloads are 470 and its developer is AresProductions.


MSquare9 is the developer of this app. It has a review rating of 4.6 and a 255 total downloads.

Sure Bet Calculator

It has the lowest review rating of 4.1 in comparison with the other apps. It has a total download of 89 and is developed by Winners Choice.

All these apps are free for download on the Google Play store. They are easy to install and are useful for calculating different kinds of bets in online sports betting.

Sports Trading

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Now that you have the right calculator to calculate the odds, we’ll give some more information on some of the US platforms for sports trading.

AllSporstMarket or ASM

It is a platform for US investors where they can buy and sell sports team stocks like the traditional stocks.

Trading Players or TP

This is a trading platform where you can buy and sell shares of real athletes.

Eastbridge Sports Brokerage

It is primarily a sports betting brokerage, but they also offer sports trading.

These apps are poised to enhance your sports betting experience, we can vouch for that! You’ll up your betting game instantly when you decide to use any of these great apps.

5 Most Expensive Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Installing applications that would help you in your sports betting decision is an important factor to consider. However, not all free mobile phone applications provide the best advice, analysis, tips, and recommendations.

Here are some of the 5 most expensive apps on sports betting downloaded for purchase from Google Play.

Alpha Bet VIP Betting Tips

This mobile phone application is worth $267.57 before you can download it. It has a 4.7 review rating but with only 39 total downloads. They only provide football betting tips. They claim to analyze 30 leagues in the world as a source of their tips.

Their application features are a live score page, live support page, goal percentage page, most popular bets page etc.

Rose Bet Correct Score Betting Tips

It has a review rating of 4.4 and a total of 10 downloads. You can purchase it at $112.23. It only offers football tips. The app provides instant access to their application betting tips, winning tips picked from 30 leagues across the globe, 98% strike rate, daily treble tips, and daily double tips.

The Sherlock VIP Betting

It can be purchased at $94.01. The review rating is 3.8 with 9 total downloads. It is an app for football tips. They claim to have 20 people working hard all day for finding high odds and for analyzing the games. The app has a live chat, 99% strike rate, instant access to betting tips, etc.

Challenger Correct Score Betting Tips

It has a 0-review rating and only 2 downloads. You can buy the app at $124.68. They also provide football tips. They claim to have 99.99% sure game with very high odds. Moreover, they claim to have an expert team who provide the betting tips for football.

Royal Soccer Best Deluxe Betting Tips App

Purchase this app at $239.76. It has a 4.5 review rating and a total of 8 downloads. Like the rest of the other applications listed above, this app also provides soccer tips. They also claimed to have sure games with very high odds.

Furthermore, they claimed to analyze 30 leagues across the globe to provide special high odd tips every day. There are a number of observations which can be pointed from these top 5 expensive apps.

One main observation is it seems that the descriptions about the applications have the same structure and details.

It is likely that there is only one developer behind these apps, though if we look at the developers of each application, we see different names. These websites are very expensive yet it has very poor review ratings.

Hence, these websites need to be further evaluated by the Google Play store and the buyer himself to verify if this is not a scam.

5 Sports Betting Sites Where You Can Place a Bet on The Voice

Sports betting sites in the United States also include in their platform’s entertainment betting. One of the most watched singing contests on Television is The Voice. The expected finale will be on May 21, 2019.

Entertainment Betting

Here are some sports betting sites that also offer desktop and mobile app entertainment betting you can use to bet on The Voice 2019.

William Hill Race and Sports Book

It only allows players from Nevada and New Jersey. Its mobile app is available in the Google Play and App Stores. Its entertainment betting is not yet open.


It is an online gambling company that offers sportsbooks, online casinos, online poker, and online bingo. It also offers entertainment betting occasionally.

Live sports and mobile betting are just one of the many things offered by this site. It has a loyalty program for its players.


It provides sportsbook, online casino, and horse betting racebook. It also has a loyalty program. The entertainment betting is also occasional in this site.


This site is mainly for online sports betting, casino gambling, poker, or online horseracing. It also sometimes has entertainment betting.

Various sports betting sites do not only offer online sports betting and entertainment betting. A lot of sports betting sites also offer eSports betting in their platforms.

eSports Investing

Here are some eSports companies which you might want to consider investing in.

Millennial eSports Corp

It is a mobile gaming publisher and is a leading eSports in racing. Its minimum share price is $0.050.

eSports Entertainment group

It is an online gambling company focusing on esports. They claimed to be the only sports gambling company trading on US stock markets. It’s the stock market price is $0.55.

Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company

It is a North American esports organization with a minimum share price of $ 1.48.

Gfinity (GFIN)

It is a UK based esports company which operates globally. It has a stock market price of $4.0.

Superleague gaming Inc

It is a platform for amateur gamers to experience sport like the pros. Its minimum share price is $ 6.74.

These eSport companies offer the lowest share price in the US stock market. They might increase their minimum board lot and price in the near future because of the growing demand in online sports betting including the eSports. It’s smart to buy now.

4 Sports Betting Sites with Perks Redeemable at Sports Bars

Seven out of ten Americans have played sports betting once in their lives. There are a lot of sports betting sites in the US with varying bonuses and rewards.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Here are some mobile sports betting sites and their corresponding perks you can redeem at your favorite sports bar.

Caesars Entertainment

You earn points by playing at Caesars Entertainment. One of the ways you can redeem your total rewards loyalty points is spending it at sports bars in one of the casinos owned by Caesar entertainment such as Caesars Palace Las Vegas Race and sports bar.


This sports betting site have partnered with TopGolf. Hence, they offer a premium golfing experience mixed with food and beverage and music as one of the ways to redeem the earned points.

STN Sports

The player earns a point and one credit on his or her player’s club for every dollar bet on a certain sport. The points can be used in free play, dining, casinos, and a sports bar such as the Standard Station Sports Bar & Grill


It is so far the best desktop or mobile sports betting site in terms of rewards. It has the best rewards program with every $3.30 bet, you earn a point which when accumulated you can use to redeem at Westgate SuperBook Bar.

Many of the other sports betting sites have 50 % to 100% sign up or deposit bonus. But these sports betting sites offer more than that. When you play, you don’t just get the welcome bonus but you always receive points which you can redeem at participating sports bars and casinos.

Indeed, sports betting in the US have been very popular and the opportunity to invest in sports teams or leagues is promising.

Sports Teams to Invest in

Here are some of the cheapest stock market prices of a few of the sports teams or leagues in the United States.

American Basketball Association

It is considered as a semi-professional men’s basketball minor league.  Its stock market value is $ 0.0255.

United States Basketball League

post ABN - 4 Sports Betting Sites with Perks Redeemable at Sports Bars

The USBL is a professional men’s spring basketball league.  You can purchase its stocks at $0.151.

A.S. Roma

It is commonly called as Roma and it is an Italian professional football club. The stock market price is $0.59.

Juventus F.C.

It is also an Italian professional football club and its stock market price is at $1.795.

Celtic F.C.

This is a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland. You can buy a share at $2.21.

If you really enjoy sports betting, why not also invest in these sports teams. There are no worries with less than $5 dollars as your initial investment. By purchasing a portion of the shares, you become a part of the owners of that sports team.

5 Prediction Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

The main challenge in online sports betting is how to decide which side you should bet to win. Here are some top ultimately free sports prediction mobile apps with high ratings and downloads you can use.

We also take a look at some of the biggest names in the online gambling industry that you can invest in.

Sports Betting Apps

post sports betting apps - 5 Prediction Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

Sports Prediction

This app has a 4.3 review rating and total downloads of 9,710. It provides sports predictions for football, tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey, boxing, cricket, volleyball, bowling, and field hockey.


post tips - 5 Prediction Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

It has a 4.6 review rating and 2,448 total downloads. Sports predictions and tips are given daily for football, basketball, and tennis.

Prediction Guru TM

The total downloads for this app are 13,970 and a review rating of 4.6. Cricket, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, MLB, and NFL are the sports they offer predictions and recommendations for betting on.

Bet of City

This app has a 4.7 review rating with a total of 2,290 downloads. It offers predictions and betting tips in football, basketball, and tennis.

Betting Tips Predictor

post predictor - 5 Prediction Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

It has a 4.7 review rating and total downloads of 4,382. It gives a prediction for football, tennis, basketball, hockey, and other sports such as volleyball, baseball, and ice hockey.

These are free for download at Google Play store and they provide prediction and recommendations for online sports betting.

Furthermore, if you really want to get serious about earning money through sports betting, you should also consider investing in some companies that are related to sports betting sites.

Companies to Invest In

Here are some big companies that have their own sports betting sites and their average stock market price.

Caesars Entertainment

This is a holding company which provides casino entertainment and hospitality services. You can purchase the stock at CZR at $9.19. It has its own sports betting sites in the US called Caesars Sports. It has 100% up to $300 deposit bonus.

The Stars Group, Inc

This company was formerly known as Amaya Inc. It is a Canadian gaming and online gambling company operational at Nasdaq and Toronto. The stock price is $25.22. BetStars Online Sports is its own sports betting site in the US. It has a free bet bonus of up to $500.

MGM Resorts International

It is an American global hospitality and entertainment company. Its minimum stock price is $27.44. They own the playMGM Nevada app available on Google Play and the App Store. It offers a 100% bonus up to $1,000 in free play.

Churchill Downs, Inc

It is multi US-state, publicly traded company and is one of the leading online wagering companies worldwide. You can purchase stock at $92.00. They own the BetAmerica Sports betting site. They offer up to 100% deposit bonus.

Wynn Resorts, Limited

This American publicly traded corporation is a developer and operator of high-end hotels and casinos. Its stock price is at $140.94. They own Wynn sports betting site but do not offer sign-up bonuses.

It is fundamental to invest in stock that you are very familiar with. If you love sports betting online and you happen to be interested in the US stock market, then these companies are worth investing.