5 Helpful Mobile Sports Betting Calculator Apps

There are a lot of mobile applications that offer sports betting tips, however, it’s sometimes better to decide on your own instinct with a little help of some tools. Here are some top 5 mobile sports betting calculator applications.


Bet Calculator

The review rating of this app is 4.5 and has total downloads of 2084. The app developer is AceOdds.com.

Sports Bet Calculator

It has a 4.4 review rating and total downloads of 488. It’s a product of Gary Smith.

Betting Tools

It also has a 4.4 review rating. The total downloads are 470 and its developer is AresProductions.


MSquare9 is the developer of this app. It has a review rating of 4.6 and a 255 total downloads.

Sure Bet Calculator

It has the lowest review rating of 4.1 in comparison with the other apps. It has a total download of 89 and is developed by Winners Choice.

All these apps are free for download on the Google Play store. They are easy to install and are useful for calculating different kinds of bets in online sports betting.

Sports Trading

post sports trading - 5 Helpful Mobile Sports Betting Calculator Apps

Now that you have the right calculator to calculate the odds, we’ll give some more information on some of the US platforms for sports trading.

AllSporstMarket or ASM

It is a platform for US investors where they can buy and sell sports team stocks like the traditional stocks.

Trading Players or TP

This is a trading platform where you can buy and sell shares of real athletes.

Eastbridge Sports Brokerage

It is primarily a sports betting brokerage, but they also offer sports trading.

These apps are poised to enhance your sports betting experience, we can vouch for that! You’ll up your betting game instantly when you decide to use any of these great apps.

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