Three Types of NBA Betting

For a person who is fresh from NBA betting, it is important to understand the different NBA betting types and how they pay out, before making a wager with any degree of assurance. The types of NBA betting are Moneyline, against the spread, and over/under totals.


Different Types of NBA Betting

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The NBA Moneyline


Betters on the NBA Moneyline call for the selection of the particular contest’s winner. The predicted winning team in the game is the favorite, whereas the predicted to lose is the underdog. An odds table will indicate which team is the favorite with a negative sign (-). While the underdog will be shown with a plus sign (+).


The NBA Against the Spread


In this kind of betting, the bettor must accurately predict which team will win or lose by a certain number of points. The favored team is also denoted by a negative sign (-) and the number next to the negative sign indicates how many points the favorite team needs to win by is.


The NBA Over/Under Totals


Here, the bettor is predicting whether the combined points of both teams will be greater or lower than the predetermined point total set by the oddsmakers. The only concern of the bettor is the overall number of points.